Lake Eildon GeoTour

The Lake Eildon GeoTour is Australia’s first GeoTour and is held in one of the most feature rich areas on our continent. Located a short drive from Melbourne, one of the world’s most liveable cities, Lake Eildon is a large man-made fresh water inland lake in Central Victoria. The lake is surrounded by the amazing Lake Eildon National Park, which this tour draws upon.

The amount of activities and places of interest around the lake is enormous and includes river, stream and all-year ’round lake fishing. Lake and river skiing, boating, jet skiing, and house-boating. For the great outdoors lovers there’s swimming, bush walking, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing as well as seasonal snow skiing on some of Australia’s best alpine resorts. There is camping, sightseeing, joy flights, and a number of beautiful Day Visitor Areas around the lake. You can even visit our local zoo and discover some of amazing native animals.

The Great Australian Rail Trail is Victoria’s longest bike trail for those interesting in cycling and we have endless locations for those hoping to find artistic inspiration or photographic opportunities. Heritage lovers can enjoy our museums, and wine lovers can appreciate our local wineries and eateries. We are proud to have Australia’s largest collection of easily accessible waterfalls per distance, and our lookouts give the viewer spectacular panoramas of the Australian high country and Lake Eildon.

Finally, we are one of Australia’s most progressive geocaching communities, affording endless opportunities for the casual or serious geocacher. With a wide variety of cache types and difficulty levels, this is the perfect area to come on a geocaching holiday.

To begin your Lake Eildon GeoTour simply download the passport, print it out and begin your journey of discovery. Attaining different levels of achievement unlocks the ability to purchase limited edition geocoins to celebrate your participation in Australia’s first GeoTour. Download Passport